Help Us Save Safely

“When you have your gear on, you don’t think twice about going into a fire. It’s worth the cost.”

—Todd Wilson, N.Y.P.D. Firefighter

SCBA Unit $8,700

Self Contained  Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) features cylinders filled with  pressurized breathing air similar to the tanks used by divers.

Brush Coat $1025

Specially designed of fire-resistant Nomex-Kevlar, it protects from extremely high temperatures and resists tearing.

Radio $3500

Portable digital narrowband radio allows firefighters to communicate with headquarters and report changing or dangerous conditions.

Fire Helmet $300

Made of durable fiberglass, this hardhat protects the head from sparks and falling debris.

Flashlight $125

Heat resistant to light the way through smoke and flame-filled areas where victims may be trapped.

Gloves $95

Made of Nomex  fire-resistant material, these  gloves are specially designed withstand high heat and wear and tear.

Bunker Pants $875

Made of fire-resistant Nomex-Kevlar material, they protect from extremely high temperatures and have lots of pockets for supplies.

Nomex Hood $65

Worn under the helmet to protect the face and neck from flames and sparks.

Leather Boots $350

Heavy-duty laced boots with 8-inch tops to provide ankle support and non-skid soles for good traction on steep terrain.

Cost to Fit a Firefighter

A firefighter relies heavily on what he is wearing to protect him in a fire. It consists of two layers: an outer layer for keeping the firefighter dry and an inner thermal layer meant for temperature control. Advances in fire-resistant materials and equipment technology make saving lives safer but it comes at a cost—more than $15,000 to outfit a single firefighter! Although the expense is staggering, the lives of your loved ones are priceless. You can help us save safer in our community by donating toward any item in our firefighter’s turnout gear.