Welcome to Waldens Ridge Emergency Service

We are an all-volunteer Fire and Rescue service consisting of over 50 members with two stations supporting the Town of Walden and the unincorporated parts of Hamilton County on Signal Mountain.

The Cost of Fitting a Firefighter

Your donation makes a difference and could save a neighbor’s life! Outfit one of our volunteer firefighters and help us serve our community safely.

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“You don’t know how valuable this service is until you, your family or a neighbor needs emergency responders in just a matter of minutes 24/7.” —Robert Spalding, Original Founder, WRES

WRES in Action

In an average year, we respond to over 300 calls.  Our typical response varies depending on the type of emergency we are responding to whether it be a fire, a vehicle crash, a hazardous materials incident, a rope rescue, or a medical emergency. We have the apparatus, tools, equipment, and personnel to respond to any of these types of calls and more.  Our members participate in weekly training and many have multiple State Certifications in different areas of emergency response.

Serving Our Community Since 1976

Waldens Ridge Emergency Service, Inc. is an all-volunteer department consisting of over 50 all-volunteer members with two stations supporting a mountainous district of 33 square miles. We are located on Signal Mountain in Hamilton County, Tennessee with two stations at 2100 Taft Highway in the Town of Walden and 7339 Sawyer Pike in an unincorporated area.

WRES proudly provides fire suppression, emergency medical services, rope rescue, vehicle extrication, and hazardous material response in addition to public outreach and education to the Town of Walden and the unincorporated parts of Hamilton County on Signal Mountain. When requested, we also respond to calls in the Town of Signal Mountain, the Lone Oak Community of Signal Mountain, the City of Red Bank, and other areas as needed. Through the Tri-State Mutual Aid Association, we are linked to almost 40 other departments in Southeast Tennessee, Northwest Georgia and Northeast Alabama.